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As a Climate Active certified carbon neutral organisation we are committed to creating a greener future. We have policies in place to minimise environmental impact for our business, our staff and importantly, our customers. We recognise this is an ever-evolving space and there is much more for us to do.

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Community and connection are at the heart of what we do. At AP Group, we believe every young Australian could grow up to change the world, they just need the right start. That’s why we’re supporting at-risk Aussies in finding a pathway out of homelessness and into employment.

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Health and Wellbeing

We know that great work starts with happy and healthy people. Our team isn't just a part of our success; they're the driving force behind it. That's why we put their well-being front and centre with robust mental health policies and, work-life balance programs in place for all employees.

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At AP Group, our purpose extends beyond minimising our own carbon footprint. Our ambition is to provide tools that help reduce the footprint of our customers and the pharmacy industry as a whole.

As a Certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral Organisation, we're dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and championing environmental sustainability across our industry.

For us, doing our bit looks like...

1. Making our offices more sustainable by using solar, effective waste management and more. Find out more.

2. Empowering Eco-Friendly Commutes with free public transport passes and end-of-trip bike facilities. Find out more.

3. Supporting the Transition to Electric Vehicles by providing subsidies and on-site charging. Find out more.

4. Working to Meet Emissions Targets of a 30% reduction by 2030. Find out more.

5. Supporting re-forestation by contributing to the restoration of native ecosystems. Find out more.

6. Helping our customers on their sustainability journey by providing sustainability guides and offering customers a free sustainability consultation with Greenmoves.

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We're making a bigger impact by proudly reducing ours...

AP Group is proud to be a Certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral Organisation.

A staggering 28,000 (ABS 2016) young Australians experience homelessness on any given night in Australia. That’s 28,000 too many.

Whilst this is a cause we are deeply passionate about, at AP Group we recognise we are not best equipped to solve this problem ourselves.

We are partnering with brilliant organisations that offer opportunities to young Australians so that they have the chance to reach their potential. AP Group contribute a percentage of each transaction to help these great organisations do what they do best.

The ambition is to provide at-risk young Australians access to meaningful and ongoing employment, so that they can in-turn access secure accommodation and live a happy and healthy life.

To kick off this program, we are proud to have forged a partnership with For Change Co.

For Change Co. is a social enterprise doing brilliant work to deliver tangible and lasting change for those at risk of experiencing homelessness, all while providing a much-loved and valued service to local communities with their coffee shops and food vans.

We love what they do and are so happy to be supporting them to deliver this program to even more young people.

Great work is powered by passionate people. And we believe our people should be provided with a work environment that helps them shine.

After all, our people are the key to our success, so we make sure they come first.

We're committed to promoting health and wellbeing among our team, contractors and the wider community. Some of the support that we offer our team includes:

1. Team bonus and rewards system to ensure we all share in the spoils of good results – from admin through to sales.

2. Employee mental health plans — we contribute to the cost of specialist appointments and strongly advocate for our staff to take up this benefit.

3. Flexible working arrangements, including work-from-home Wednesdays.

4. Facilitating and encouraging the team to get involved in group exercise sessions at lunch time.

5. We conduct regular anonymous surveys to give our team the chance to provide feedback in a safe and secure environment.

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