Your lease can either be an asset or a liability, and can have a serious impact on the capitalisation rate at which your business is valued.

Making sure that your lease is viewed as an asset by any interested parties can have hundreds of thousands of dollars impact to the value of your business.

As industry experts, AP Group understand that the key to negotiating the right outcome for your lease comes down to understanding your rights and the protections provided by the current relocation rules. It is with this mind that AP Group lease negotiations are all conducted collaboratively between the negotiations team and the legal team.

With proven results negotiating with major landlords across Australia, such as Westfield, QIC, GPT, Lendlease and Charter Hall, and a unique understanding of the legal protections afforded to you by the current "Pharmacy Relocation Rules", AP Group is equipped to achieve the best outcome for your lease, while ensuring the long-term security of your business.

How Does it Work?

1. Review

We will review your new or existing lease details including relocation rights and opportunities, sub-leasing, tenant exclusivities, and potential additional costs. We will then negotiate better terms for your business based on your individual situation.

2. Negotiate

Our mantra is that everything is negotiable. Whether you have a renewal coming up or are mid-lease and would like to vary your terms, we explore all avenues and possibilities including rent, outgoings, term, and options to renew. You’d be surprised by how much the savings can add up for you!

3. Document

We review the full lease documentation to ensure the documented terms are represented exactly as negotiated. We then ensure the prompt delivery by the landlord of all your fully executed lease documentation.

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What Our Clients Say

AP Group's ability to negotiate our desired lease terms has ensured the long term viability of our business.

Rob's professionalism and candid advice helped manage our expectations and reduce the anxiety around the process.

Con Barbayannis
Star Pharmacy

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